Brother Bird is a soft serve and mochi donut cafe developed by the folks of Stateland which taking place strategically along Bali Lane. This place is getting more and more famous because of nothing but their adorable looking soft serve ice cream.

We’ve been looking and scrolling their instagram feed during our latest trip to Singapore and decided to go to their place instantly. Even on a rainy day which starts from early morning, we still put such an effort to go to Bali Lane area, and was disappointed right in front of their door, as unfortunately they were not open on that day. We also heard that once a week they will close their store to do restocking, etc. (Tuesday if we’re not mistaken)

But well, we just don’t want to stop here, in fact we successfully went there on the next day. The place is not really spacious but quite comfortable, yet the ambience also considered as hipster for me.

Not only looking for their adorable Soft Serve, we also tried some of their main course.

Salmon “Pho” With Yuzu Broth (SGD 22) perfect for those who are looking for some comforting foods as the flavor was balance and seasoned nicely.

Salmon Pho With Yuzu Broth

Kimchi Carbonara (SGD 18) was one of our favorite from their creation. The combination of the flavor is really interesting between spicy and sour from kimchi and the thick creamy character from the carbonara. The onsen egg of course makes everything becomes perfect, no doubt.

Kimchi Carbonara

Kimchi Carbonara

If you are a balance between sweet and savory kind of guy, despite you confuse what to choose, then we recommend you to try their Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Waffle (SGD 18). As expected its a fried chicken cutlet on kimchi slaw, cinnamon scented waffle, spicy yangmyun sauce, with yellow mustard and sesame seeds. Again, we really love their version of kimchi creation here. Nothing to complain from us.

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken Waffle

Our journey of course would never be complete without having what we really after since the day before, and its time for their soft serve. Here at Brother Bird, they like to do things differently by keep changing the flavor regularly to keep exciting everyone. Back to our trip, during that month, they just introduce their HK Milk Tea Cafe Mocha and both were interesting enough for me.

Actually we were also interested to their mochi donut creation, but well, we were already full enough. So maybe next time.

Stateland Cafe x Brother Bird Soft Serve
30 Bali Lane
Singapore 189966
Closed on Tuesday

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