The day has arrived, DEPOT GIMBO BABI ASAP is finally opened in Muara Karang! Wohooo!! Such a great news for us of course as we’ve been waiting and stalking their opening quite a while before. Don’t want to wait any longer, we visited their outlet in Muara Karang Raya last night, right on their first day of business.

DEPOT GIMBO BABI ASAP is one of our must-go lists whenever we go to Bali. Their Se’i (Babi Asap), especially the hotplate one is really to die for. Not to mention that we often bring their vacuum Se’i back to Jakarta. But that’s the past right? Cause we can easily access here in Muara Karang.

So, cut to the chase. Depot Gimbo located right next to Maspion Bank. Simply pay attention to your right side in Muara Karang Raya area, not too far after Sunmerry Bakery. Foods are exactly the same like their outlet in Bali as far as I can remember.

Daun Singkong Bunga Pepaya, IDR 35.000,-

Highly recommended, as it will perfectly fit with your Se’i

Daun Singkong Bunga Pepaya


Babi Asap / Se’i Babi – IDR 65.000,-

Available in 1/4, 1/2, and 1kg of Babi Asap. On the picture below, you’re looking at the 1/4kg portion of Babi Asap.

Babi Asap



Babi Asap Hotplate, IDR 45.000,-

The star of the show, and die die must try is their Babi Asap Hotplate. Basically, it’s their regular babi asap with extra seasoning, sauteed onion and served on a hot plate. It is fragrant, the meat is juicy, tender, and smokey. Everything is just perfect and one plate for sharing is not enough for me.

Babi Asap Hotplate


Sate Babi Asap, IDR 40.000/5pcs

So this is our first time trying their Sate Babi Asap, and turns out it’s quite good as well. Chunky, tender and well seasoned.

Sate Babi Asap


Babi Goreng, IDR 40.000,-

Another recommendation for you guys is to try their Babi Goreng. I know it sounds simple, and in fact, it is simple. But the flavor, the aroma, and the meat character are just lovely. Gotta be honest as well, the garlic was quite burned that night, but well, not a major problem for us 🙂

Babi Goreng


And we end the night happily, especially for our tummy as we just had a good dinner here at Depot Gimbo Muara Karang. For sure, we will come back regularly as we really love this kind of food.

Now it’s your turn to try 🙂

Depot Gimbo Babi Asap
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 35
Jakarta Utara (Next to Maspion Bank)
021 – 22665626

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