GOPEK Restaurant Grand Indonesia

Something new from Sarirasa Group (Group who manage Tesate, 1945, and Sate Khas Senayan) is launched for public recently at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta. It is Gopek or meaning 500 in Hokien language that pride themselves in serving Peranakan Cuisine for Jakartans!

During our visit, we tried some of their highly recommended menu such as : Rujak Juhi, Bakwan Campur, Bakso Buntut, Mie Ayam, Mie Goreng, and the famous Non-pork Nasi Campur!

Rujak Juhi, IDR 45.000

A good appetiser, taste was nice, refreshing, but we expect a little more juhi to make the overall taste more powerful.

Lunpia Goreng, IDR 35.000,-

Bakwan Campur, IDR 42.000,-

Consist of Bakwan, Bakso Gulung,, Bakso Tahu Goreng, Bakso Goreng, Siomay

Bakso Buntut, IDR 62.000,-

Consist of Bakso Sapi, Bakso Ayam, Bakso Tahu, Buntut

Bakwan Campur

Bakso Buntut

Mie Goreng Spesial, IDR 52.000,-

Mie Bakso Pangsit, IDR 65.000,-

I have to tell you this guys! That their Mie Bakso Pangsit is so so so delicious! The noodle is home made and that is the reason why we love the texture very much! The seasoning was balance and the aroma was also very nice, somehow it reminds me about Bakmi Pontianak.

Nasi Gopek Spesial, IDR 62.000,-

The most highlighted one from Gopek Restaurant should be this Nasi Gopek Spesial, with a look of Nasi Campur Medan, but without pork or lard used in this menu (and in all of Gopek Menu).

Tastewise? We were surprised, and hooked at the same time. The rice was so fragrant just like Nasi Hainan (they call it Nasi Ayam here), and overall taste were almost the same with Nasi Campur Babi, like seriously!

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience at Gopek Restaurant! And we do really recommend you guys their Mie Ayam and their Nasi Gopek Spesial!

For beverages, try theirĀ Sari Alang Alang Markisa LemonĀ (IDR 25.000,-)

Secang – IDR 35.000,-

For something sweet to end your day there, don’t forget to opt for their Es Campur guys!

Gopek Restaurant
Grand Indonesia, 5th Floor
Jl. M.H Thamrin No 1


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