Gudetama Cafe Singapore

Alright, so who doesn’t love Gudetama here? One of Japan’s most popular cartoon character which actually an egg yolk that always hates the world beyond its shell. But for sure, we do love this freakin uber cute Gudetama.

As you might already aware perhaps, that Gudetama does not only sells their stuff or merchandise, but they also have their own cafe! Of course, it will be fully themed and decorated with the character pose, artwork, and other merchandise in almost every single touch points.

Not just in terms of the decoration, we heard that the way they serve the foods and drinks are also Gudetama-themed. Meaning that they will always put Gudetama element in any possible way to attract the customer.


During our last visit to Singapore, Gudetama Cafe has become one of our must go places although honestly, we did not put such a high expectation in terms of taste.

Gudetama Cafe Singapore located at 1st floor of Suntec City, and as you can see that the cafe actually looks very interesting fully filled with the character in every single corner.

As for foods, we only try 2 dishes from their menu which were:

Sun Tanning Pizza – SGD 18
Pizza topped with teriyaki chicken, salami, and mozzarella cheese, complete with charcoal mayonnaise Gudetama.


RiB – I Don’t Care – SGD 28.5
Chargrilled NZ grass-fed Angus rib eye steak topped with creamy wild mushroom sauce, grilled vegetables, and Gudetama mash.


Straw-very Lazy – SGD 8.5
Strawberry infused rose tea, spruced up with lychees and blueberries

They also have some selections of Gude Cakes and Desserts in case you’re looking for something sweet to end your dining. But we were too full that time so we have to skip this session.

Talking about the foods, we think that the plating and the food decoration and garnish were not bad, but compared to what we see from our friends post about Gudetama Cafe in Japan, we think that the foods and drinks in Gudetama Cafe Japan are more adorable, cute and detail oriented.

As for the taste, well, as we have mentioned earlier. We did not put any high expectation for the food. But overall it was quite eggciting for us without leaving the fact that the foods probably need some more tweaking for us, but what about you?

Oh, last but not least, Fan of Gudetama could also purchase their official merchandise here!

Gudetama Cafe
#01-361 Suntec City

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