Kabuto Mazesoba, PIK

Oh man, who doesn’t love noodle? If you are one of em, let us ask you one more time, like really? We are one of those who hard to resist any kind of noodle creation, be it ramen, classic noodle, pasta, udon, soba, and whatever it is.

Talking about PIK neighborhood, we feel that the competition used to be not interesting anymore. We only have a few favorite place to come by, but recently, this newly opened restaurant Kabuto Mazesoba has just turning up the competition heat.

Kabuto Mazesoba, where Kabuto means a type of helmet first used by ancient Japanese warriors, specialized in serving a hot kind of Soba and directly compete with the predecessor in the neighborhood Abura Soba.

Each of them has their own strength, for example, we love the ambience of Kabuto Mazesoba, compared to Abura. The decoration, the feeling, and everything are just simply nice for us.

Food that we had were :

Gyotie, IDR 35.000
Its not a typo, its gyotie, a twist between gyoza and kuotie, not just in terms on the name, but also on how they prepare the gyotie itself.


Chicken Chasiu, IDR 38.000 – Pork Chasiu, IDR 42.000
Call it as appetizer or just have it as an extra for your main course is your call. But both was absolutely good and we notice that for both chicken and pork has a typical sweet character.

Pork Chasiu


Kabuto Mazesoba, IDR 135.000
Imported beef mazesoba complete with foie gras, spring onion, corn, bamboo shoots, seaweed and soft boiled eggs. You can also choose between spicy or original version. But for this Kabuto Mazesoba, we go with the spicy version which turns out very interesting and unique.

We love the texture from the soba, the beef was lovely, and the spiciness balanced nicely by the soft boiled eggs and the creaminess from the foie gras. Really recommend this one!

Kabuto Maze Soba


Kabuto Maze Don, IDR 138.000
Basically this is pretty much the same with Kabuto Mazesoba, a bowl of rice topped with imported beef with foie gras & truffle oil.

Kabuto Maze Don


Kabuto Maze Don


Kanetsugu (Minced Pork Mazesoba), IDR 52.000
Besides trying their ultimate best seller, we also tried their classic way of soba. We ordered their original minced pork mazesoba, original. It was also good, simple, and comforting.

If we try to compare, Kabuto Mazesoba is really a strong contender for Yamatoten Abura Soba. Both has their own strength in our opinion. The spicy version of Kabuto Mazesoba really has a character and they should be able to maintain it, while Yamatoten Abura Soba has strength in developing a new flavor to keep guests attracted.

At the end, its kinda hard to choose which one is my favorite, seriously! We love both of them, but how about you?

Kabuto Mazesoba
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta
Phone : 021-2257 0506
Instagram : kabutomazesoba

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  • pavitra

    June 17, 2017 at 2:13 am Reply

    Wow, Dish seems to be delicious. For sure i would try it once. Thanks for great share.

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