Great Hot Chocolate of Kakolait Gading Serpong

Home for a good cup of coffee? I bet lots of you already know the answer, since there are tons of specialty coffee shop rising in Indonesia big cities this past few years. But wait, what if I ask you for home of a good hot chocolate? Can you give me some recommendation?

No its not a quiz or anything, but in fact, I’m just curious cause this is a whole new thing for me. Its Kakolait, which stands for Cacao, Coffee, and Lait (milk), which soon to be opened in just few days in Gading Serpong area. A home for a high quality chocolate based beverage like never before.

Yeap, just like what you’ve imagined, a damn heavy rain outside is just a freaking perfect moment to sip this kind of hot beverage. From fine selection of chocolate, and made to perfection, I was fall in love with their creation. It was thick, but smooth at the same time.

Crunchy Waffle Balls, IDR 40k

American Marshmallow, IDR 40k

Accompanied with a set of waffle would not hurt your diet that much I believe, especially, well, think again about the rain outside. Its a good day for a cheating day right?

Waffle Set, IDR 65k (consist of 2 waffles + 3 toppings)

What about this Kokolava? Let me know how you do you feel looking at this melted chocolate cake? Me personally? Well, this is freaking good, the best sensation of melted chocolate that I’ve ever had here I guess.

Kokolava, IDR 40k

Not a fan of hot beverages? Then don’t be shy, you could always ask for the cold version 🙂 and some granitas are also available.

Granitas, IDR 25k

Well at the end, this is sure a good thing, especially around the neighborhood. Then if you claim yourself as a chocolate lover, why don’t you give a try to this Kakaolait as the new addition in Gading Serpong area?

Kakolait Gading Serpong

Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara

Ruko Garden 8, Blok i No 33

Gading Serpong, Tangerang


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