Kokoro Mazesoba, Grand Indonesia

Kokoro Mazesoba is another soup less version of soba restaurant which just recently opened in Grand Indonesia Mall.

The concept is actuall quite the same between another soup less soba in town like Yamatoten Abura Soba or Kabuto Maze Soba. The difference is actually in Kokoro Mazesoba their main noodle dish came with minced meat seasoned with soy sauce, red pepper and garlic as the main topping.

The place is really crowded during our visit and we have to queue for around 12 tables before our turn. Luckily its a new soba restaurant that make us really want to visit and try. Otherwise, we will definitely say forget it and look for another place to dine in haha!

So after quite a long queue here are the foods that answer our curiosity :

Gyoza – IDR
The skin has a nice texture but it was a little bit to thick. The filling was quite moist, but the downside it was too much dominated by the green onion.


Tokyo Maze Soba / Negi Iri Maze Soba (pork) – IDR 73.000,-
Signature and also the best seller soba from Kokoro Maze Soba topped with fresh green onion, fresh garlic chives, dried nori, fresh minced garlic, spicy minci (minced meat), dried fish powder and egg yolk.


The difference between Tokyo Maze Soba and Negi Iri Maze Soba is only on the amount of green onion used.

We love the texture from the soba however in terms of taste, it was not bad at all yet not that amazingly good as well at the same time. Of course, everything is back to your own preferences.


Zenbu Nose Maze Soba (pork) – IDR 92.000,-
Honestly speaking, we prefer this version of maze soba compared to their Tokyo Maze Soba or Negi Iri Maze Soba. We suspect that it is because of the slices of Char Siu, and the additional bamboo shots,  which give more sensation and character to the soba. But we didn’t expect that the extra boiled egg will be that “hard boiled”, well…


Maze Zosui (pork) – IDR 65.000,-
Japanese rice with chicken broth topped with spicy minci, sliced char siu and green onion. The broth actually has a nice aroma with mild flavor. But for us, the topping was not that generous as you can see from the photo below.

So at the end if you guys ask us regarding our experience, well we can say that it was not bad, We feel that some improvements are needed there as it has quite a potential for them to grow and to serve everyone better in the future.

Till next post guys!

Kokoro Tokyo Maze Soba
Grand Indonesia -West Mall, 5th floor
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone : 021-23581370
Instagram : kokoromazesoba

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