Kopi Nalar

Coffee shop is like a never ending business at the moment and we think, that there are too much coffee shop opens in this past few years within the big cities of Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

Some of them can’t make it, but those who constantly delivering good experiences and a good cup of coffee are the one who stay until now.

When we choose a good coffee shop, we always look for some of these criteria to be checked :

  1. They must have a high quality cup of espresso to deliver a good cup of cappuccino, my favorite.
  2. They must have a lovely ambience, we prefer a spacious and a homey one compared to a small one that will make us not comfortable. In this case, how they arrange the seating area also important.
  3. High Speed Internet, of course! So we can also monitor our work and do something else while enjoying our coffee.

Kopi Nalar, the new coffee shop in Petogogan, Kebayoran, is one of coffee shop who has those 3 criteria for us. The coffee was quite nice, and for sure, we really love the ambience.


We tried some of their creations from Manual Brew, Piccolo, Cappuccino, Iced Latte, Granola Latte, and Ice Lemon Tea.


Latte, IDR 33.000,-


Manual Brew Global, IDR 37.000,- (Yeah, we forgot which beans that we chose)

Ice Latte, IDR 36.000,-

Cappuccino, IDR 33.000,-

Piccolo, IDR 25.000,-

Our favorite! We love the medium to high kind of body, and the powerful cherry notes.


Granola Latte, IDR 38.000,-
Basically, a cup of latte with granola inside.


Ice Lemon Tea, IDR 26.000,-

We believe that by looking at the photos above, you will realize why we love the ambience. It is spacious! and the seating arrangement is just right, not too packed that will make you feels uncomfortable when the place is getting crowded.

They also have outdoor and semi outdoor area for those who in the need of smoking, and the area also looks nice, especially during the day light!

That’s all a little bit of Kopi Nalar’s preview from us, hope you guys like it, see you in the next post, and stay tune!

Kopi Nalar
Jl. Prof. Joko Sutono SH No.7
Petogogan, Kebayoran Baru
Phone : 021-2708 1900
Instagram : kopinalar

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