-Originally Posted in August 2015-

If you guys follow me on Instagram @eshtravaganza, you might aware that I just visited Bali recently for a 4 days escape from the busy city of Jakarta. And to sort of some places that I visited in Bali, and to answer what was memorable from my visit, then, this pretty beach bar La Laguna Bali become the most memorable one (besides my hotel of course). For its quirkyness, pretty and unexpected playful, and colourful decoration, and of course the foods!

Apparently this La Laguna Bali beach bar has become one of the most talked about places, and I really really enjoyed my time there. I Came around 4pm, and trying to capture some photos for you guys, so there you go!

Pretty and Quirky

Look at the decorations, everythings just pretty and so unexpected

And what’s more unexpected is actually the foods that they serve here. Well honestly, at the beginning, I didn’t put any expectation, even I can’t recall the name of what we’ve ordered. But all I can remember is, that they foods were also beautiful, in any way!

Tried the Tapas, the prawn was perfectly cooked, and marinated powerfully!, the sandwich were lovely, texture wise, the bread was awesome, and for the dessert, man, this is pretty and good thou!

We didn’t order anything much for the foods, but I hope those quite represent and let you imagine how beautiful is La Laguna Bali Beach Club.

So, all the best for La Laguna Bali, and see you on the next visit, dear Bali.

La Laguna Bali Beach Club
Jl. Pantai Kayu Putih, Berawa
Mengwi, Bali

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