Still something fresh from my recent trip to Bandung, and I would like to share my quick experience upon something sweet, and an unplanned one. I know Bandung is not as freaking hot as Jakarta, and the weather was lovely last weekend, but who cares when it comes to Ice Cream? I mean, its like we can always have it anytime anywhere, no matter what! So, Lets Go for some Gelato!

Basically, Lets Go Gelato is only a small gelato and sorbet shop, located in Jl. Bengawan No 29, Bandung. Well, I rarely heard about ice cream or gelato in Bandung, so maybe this is one of them and getting famous by their unique taste, and of course not to mention the quality.

As you can see below through the pictures, quite numerous flavours are available! And what makes me really curious is, that they have Singapore Chilli Crab flavours. However its not available when I visited the shop, and not sure wether temporarily, or even haven’t released yet.

Damn, Kratingdaeng Gelato is real!!

Sadly I was overwhelmed by trying many flavours, till I realise that I didn’t try this!


Gelato, IDR 25k for two scoop!

Cost you only at IDR 25k for two scoop, and only IDR 45k for 4 scoop, this is such a cool offer for me, compared to, well most gelato shop in Jakarta that will cost you at least more than 40k+ for the same size.

Taste wise? Wohh, really love how they create their Apple Strudle, and their Red Thai Tea also a must here! However I was down with the Green Tea, a type of green tea with that “aromatic” character, not like the real Japanese Green Tea, really not my kind of green tea.

Guess, thats all what I can share for my quick visit, till next post guys, thanks for reading, and keep connected with us on Instagram ; @eddydye & @shelmisetiawan

Also would like to thank Panasonic, for giving me the opportunity to explore using Panasonic Lumix GX85. All the photos are taken by Lumix GX85 using only the kit lens, and so far, I’m really satisfied with the result!

Lets Go Gelato

+62812 1401 6280

Jl. Bengawan No.29

Cihapit, Bandung

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