Liao Fan Hawker Chan Jakarta, Indonesia

The wait is over! Liao Fan Hawker Chan, the World’s Cheapest Michelin Starred Restaurant is finally open in Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta, located at the second floor of Tim Ho Wan PIK.

We believe that this is a good news for those who are fans of Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken and Noodle or those who haven’t got a chance to try this cheapest Michelin Starred Meal in Singapore.

As We did not get a chance to try this restaurant before back in Singapore, hearing that they just opened their restaurant in Jakarta couldn’t make us want to wait any longer. We just went there during lunch time, and here’s the story about our experience.

(Update : Check out our visit to Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore)

The restaurant is pretty simple, not much decorated, everything is just right with a simple table, simple chair and cutleries as this kind of concept will not require fancy or high end decorations. There were no queue during our visit but the place was quite packed.

We only try some of their menu like the Chicken Rice, Horfun, Noodle, and vegetables during our visit. But before you read more, we need to highlight that this restaurant in Jakarta did not get any Michelin Star. It’s their outlet in Chinatown that received the stars, not even their outlet at Tai Seng, Singapore.

(Update : Check out our visit to Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore)

Anyway here you go :

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice – IDR 28.000
We heard that their chicken dishes here are actually not roasted but boiled and whatever the cooking technique is, their chicken is so delicious. It was tender, juicy, and powerful at the same time! We also notice the aroma of cilantro from the rice which we did not feel comfortable with, but well its just a matter of preference.


Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle – IDR 38.000
We have to admit that the texture from the noodle was just perfect. It has that springy and firm character which is one of our criteria in defining good noodle. However the noodle was actually came cold to our table and the sauce was nowhere near bad. Our experience will become much better if the noodle came hot, well just unlucky us maybe.


Roasted Pork Hor Fun – IDR 52.000
For Hor Fun we opted to try their roasted pork as we are fan of pork, of course! The sauce was actually the same with the noodle so again, it was nowhere near bad, except the reality that our hor fun was so oily as you can see from the picture.


Seasonal Vegetable – IDR 33.000
Nothing much to say about their vegetables. The seasoning was light, but again it was just too oily.


Conclusion? Well, there’s the good side and there’s the down side. In fact we love the chicken very much and we regret that we did not opt for a half portion of chicken. We believe it will be a different story only if we choose their half chicken and steamed rice.

The down side, well, we believe that there are few things to be improved and standardized. The oily Hor Fun and vegetables, and the cold noodle really made us questioning why?

But believe us, its never be the end of everything right, it could be the unlucky us as well and if you ask us to comeback, we will definitely do and go for their chicken!

Liao Fan Hawker Chan
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 8-10 (2nd Floor of Tim Ho Wan)
Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta 14470
Phone : 021 – 2251 0206
Instagram : hawker_chan_id


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