Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore vs Indonesia

The famous Liao Fan Hawker Chan is finally here in Jakarta in case you dont know and we have wrote our experience through this link -> Liao Fan Hawker Chan Jakarta, Indonesia

After read the blog post, some of you might wondering what is the difference between the branch in Jakarta, compared to the one in Singapore?

Well, lucky you cause we gonna share a little bit about our experience at Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore.

We went to their outlet in Chinatown area, not the hawker one that get the Michelin Star, but the restaurant one in 78 Smith St. Why? Well because we’re traveling with our family and prefer the one that comfortable and also to avoid such a long queue.

The restaurant is quite comfortable, air conditioned, and the service was actually quite fast. You can also order through their self payment qiosk before heading to your table. Pricing scheme also similar to the one in Jakarta.

Here we go what we ordered :

We also order their famous Soya Sauce Chicken Rice but forgot to take a photo of it haha!

But well, lets straight to the difference. We feel that their outlet here in Singapore is way much better compared the one in Jakarta. The chicken in Jakarta was actually already good, but here is better. We feel the seasoning is more powerful and evenly here.

Besides the chicken, if you read about our experience in Jakarta, we feel that everything is just way too oily. The Hor Fun, and even the vegetables. But as you can see, its not happened here. The seasoning and the sauce for their Hor Fun was more powerful. We guess that the standard composition between oil, seasoning, and sauce in Jakarta is not at the right level.

And the most important thing, the dish here came out at the right temperature, not cold like literally cold. I guess thats all what we could share to you based on our quick visit. Again we wish everything is getting better for their outlet in Jakarta so people could really experience the same thing like in Singapore.

Liao Fan Hawker Chan Singapore
78 Smith St, Singapore 058972

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