As highly requested by you guys, finally, it’s time to reveal the blog post about our recent stay in Singapore! I know that some of you guys might already get the link to the property, but we do hope that through this blog post, you guys could also see better the details of the property.

Honestly speaking, we even didn’t expect that our place would be this lovely, like literally lovely! And even we didn’t really look at the photos detail that is published in the Airbnb. What we really hope at the beginning was only the place is not too far from the MRT station and is comfortable enough for us and our family to stay.

1st floor


2nd floor


The property is located near Outram Park station, and it took only less than 10 minutes walk from the station exit, but we need to apologise that we could not reveal the exact location as this might contradict the Airbnb policy. But trust us, it’s really near the MRT station.

As our arrival date was also a public holiday in Singapore, we were required to do a self-check-in following the instruction that was given from the host and there were no difficulties during the process as the given instructions are very clear.

So after arrived at the property, we were really wowed by the ambience and the minimalist decoration. There are total around 6 rooms in the property if we’re not mistaken, so basically it’s a shared whole house. We rent their loft suite category that is located on the 4th floor which consists of 2 rooms. One is the main room that is more spacious with bathroom inside, and the other room is smaller with 1 bunk bed for 2 people to sleep.

Our Main Room – Loft Suite Category


Main Room Sofabed


The Smaller Room


There are also chiller, kitchen, wash machine, dining table, relax area, the lazy area with tv beanbag chair, that also comes as part of their service.

So what do you think guys? It’s like every corner of the house are very instagrammable right? Overall, we really love this place. The neighbourhood is also quiet, and the ambience just made us lazy enough to go anywhere. We also think that this is such a best place to come together with your friends. Imagine that you guys rent the whole house and stay together with your best friends, cook your own meal, and just chillax!

Oh, here is the link to the Airbnb property: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7463830

Please note that our room is meant for 6 persons. Click the host’s account to see the other rooms or other properties.


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