MADAGASKAR Plaza Senayan Jakarta

Alright before we start, who doesn’t love to come to a zoo? Or maybe any of you guys who have never been to a zoo? Or, when was the last time you go to a zoo? If you have never been there, or it was also quite a long time ago visiting a zoo, then this Madagaskar Restaurant at Plaza Senayan is definitely an interesting place for you to go.

Not just you, but also with your family, little sister/brother, or with your kids. Just imagine this as a trip where you can dine inside a zoo, or I’d prefer to say this as a Jungle.

Madagaskar Restaurant taking place on the 5th floor of Plaza Senayan just right next to Applebees, and I’m telling you that it’s huge indeed. The concept is actually pretty simple, it’s about providing an experience where you can enjoy the feeling of dining in a jungle.

Stepping inside the restaurant, after passing the souvenirs section you will notice some of “wild animals” are there to welcoming you, and they are moving once a while!

What do you think about the ambience here? Well for us, we have to admit that this concept is really well executed.

But that’s only the first part, right? What about the food?

Looking at the menu, we were quite surprised by the numbers of the menu that they offer. And somehow it’s quite confusing what kind of specialty that they try to prove here. From Western to Asian. From Japanese to Indonesian food, from Modern to Basic hearty food, everything is just there.

So long story short, we ended up with these :

Hunter Miso Edamame, IDR 30.000,-

Japanese style edamame sauteed in a sweet miso paste and spicy garlic sauce. The sauce was not bad honestly but somehow we think it will be much better if the edamame was grilled first to add some aroma and flavor.


Herbivore – Guac & Pico Fries, IDR 48.000,-

Fresh guacamole, pico de gallo, and coleslaw with lime juice squeezed over French fries. Portion wise, it was quite huge for sharing. The fries were also generous but the guacamole was not smooth enough leaving several big chunks on top of the fries.

Oceanic Garlic Olio Pasta, IDR 85.000,-

You know what it is, but just don’t judge the taste by how it looks. We know that it looks plain but actually, the taste was pretty good thou.


Tropical Forest Fried Rice, IDR 75.000,-

One of their signature fried rice with sauteed shrimps, smoked beef, pineapple and sunny side up egg with mixed vegetables. The fried rice somehow remind us with Yangchow Fried Rice, which is simple and good. But for us, we don’t think that the presence of the pineapple and salsa create a harmony there.


Poultry Baked Rice, IDR 50.000,-

Aromatic rice in pesto sauce and deep fried breaded chicken topped with melted mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and they execute it nicely! We love the balanced flavor from the pesto, it was aromatic indeed and it’s just nice to feel it together with the melted mozza.

Overall, we think that this place is really has a nice concept. Imagine you can bring your younger families here and they will enjoy their time exploring every corner of the restaurant.

We see that the pricing is really fair here, quality was actually nowhere near bad. Some tweaks might be needed, but overall the quality is already there.

Madagaskar Restaurant
021 – 5790 6082
Plaza Senayan, 5th floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, South Jakarta

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