Another highly requested blog post is finally ready for you guys! Now it’s time for a place that we stayed in for two nights during our trip in Lombok last month called Mentigi Bay Dome Villa.

We found this place accidentally while planning our trip to Lombok, and we instantly fell in love with the concept that they have. At a glance, it looks like Santorini in Greece because of the dome building concept for the whole place here at Mentigi Bay Dome Villa.

Frankly speaking, we didn’t browse too much about the place, we just saw some photos online, and then we book the place for two nights. We didn’t even know the details of the room, how big it will be, etc, but turns out, everything is just stunning here!

Upon Arrival, We just realize that we have booked their biggest dome which could fit up to 8 pax, or more (there will be additional charge for more than 8 pax)

So basically, our area consists of several domes :

The Living Room

The Room (Left Dome & Right Dome)

Basically after going inside either left or right you will see this carpet and some pillows. But that’s not your bed thou. It’s just a place for you to chill while watching TV.

Because actually, your bed is down there!

From the door in front of your bed, you can directly access your garden and the other room

Kitchen Dome

So you can actually cook something if you wish! But for breakfast, their staff will prepare some bread, eggs, and sliced fruits for you.

What We Love The Most Is The Pool!

3 pools waiting for you, and our favorite is the one that you could jump into! But be careful, since it’s built for you to jump, means it’s deep enough to ensure you barely able to touch the ground.

another dome for chillax (bar) with fridge fueled with soft drinks, just by the pool

The dome on the right side below is an extra toilet to ensure you could easily use it without having to go back to your room.

And should you would like to clean up yourself after your pool session, there’s an open shower area here 🙂

Planning for a sunbathing session with a view? What about this area where you could easily see the Three Gili Island?

Such a breathtaking moment right?

The next question is, What If I came only with a few of people? Or what if it’s just four of us who want to stay there?

Well, the answer is, even if only four of you, you could always rent their biggest place just like the above pictures, or you can opt for a smaller one which fir for 4 people. Lucky you guys, we have the photos below!

The Smaller Dome

Compared to the bigger domes, this smaller area only has 3 different domes. 1 for the living room and another 2 are for the bedroom while the bigger area has total 6 domes (1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 extra toilet, 1 bar by the pool).

Then it comes to the third question, what if only two of you who would like to stay here. Well, there’s a small standalone dome without any private facilities such as pool, living room or kitchen.

Smallest Dome

But what’s the point staying here without any facilities? Well, the good news is, if the other domes are vacant, you could access their pool! And in the night, you will be able to capture something like this!

The Beautiful Milkyway From Mentigi Bay Dome Villa

Some tips for you guys:

  1. as this place is quite far from the restaurant and cafe area, we suggest that if you wish to stay here, please bring your own food which is easy to cook/prepared in their kitchen.
  2. This place is very quiet, and not suitable for you who expect for a place nearby a bar, live music area, etc.
  3. For your convenience, you could book their domes from Agoda, or Airbnb easily.
  4. Their domes are located quite high from the main road and it will be quite dark during the night, therefore it will be much better if you could arrive while the sun is up.
  5. Best to come with your family member, or group of your best friends for a better experience. You could also rent all of their domes if you wish to!
  6. They have another room by the beach, but that’s different from what we post here and it’s not a dome concept

Guess that’s all from us, and should you have any questions, please drop in the comment box below and we will more than happy to answer everything that we know about this place.

Mentigi Bay Dome Villa
Jl. Raya Senggigi
Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat

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