Hey guys, you know what? It feels good to be back after such a long break from blogging routine. 2 months break to be exact, and now we’re back.

In case you’re still wondering why we took such a long break, well, it’s because we’re too busy in preparing our wedding (Eddy & Shelmi of course!) which held last month. You know it’s such a celebration that took a lot of effort and our attention, right?

Anyway, back to blogging things, we just want to start this right by sharing to you guys some of the new menus from 1945 Restaurant at Fairmont Jakarta, and frankly speaking, we just love this restaurant for some reason.

First, its because they always challenge themselves in elevating Indonesian cuisine to the next level. Second, its because they always consistent in serving their delicious creations.

3 new menus that we had a chance to try were :

Mie Goreng Foie Gras, IDR 150.000,-

The name says it all, Indonesian fried noodle with vegetables and foie gras. We never imagine that this combination could be not only sexy but also lovely!


Laksa Lobster, IDR 450.000,-

Another sexy menu goes to this rice vermicelli noodle in spicy curry coconut milk, served with one whole lobster that guaranteed hard to resist! The soup was fragrant and mild without overpowering everything, and yes, that lobster makes the whole dish not just look sexy, but beyond than that!

Asinan, IDR 95.000,-

The third dish and become such a sweet ending is their version of Asinan. Consist of ribbons of tropical fruits, vegetables and edible flowers in a sweet vinegar dressing. It tastes super refreshing, has a little hint of spicy, but very addicting. I have no more words to describe how addicting their Asinan is but trust me, you gotta try!


Other than that, of course, we couldn’t miss their Satay and the most delicious Sayur Asam that I have ever tasted in any restaurant.

1945 Restaurant
Fairmont Jakarta
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Jakarta Pusat

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