One Eighty Coffee Bandung

Just back from Bandung for a short trip with my foodie friends, and yeah, it always good to have a trip with friends that share the same mission just like yours, for the love of foods! A well spent weekend if I have to say it in words.

Without wasting too much time, we leave Jakarta quite early in the morning, like 5.30am to avoid un-necessary traffic. 2 hours plus to travel, and our first destination is this trending cafe, One Eighty Coffee and Music.

Arrived just in time in the morning as their first customer, so we took this chance to explore the space first and get some photos!

More space on the second floor!

Sine there’s a stage there, and they call themselves as Coffee & Music, I believe that they also have music performances as part of their services here.

And of course, one of the reason why are they so popular here in Bandung :

Cause you could ended WET while dining in here! Just take off your shoes, sit down, relax your feet, and strike a pose. And Yes, its a small pool, not a hallucination.

If you come here in the morning, then you can only enjoy a limited selection of breakfasts and salads from the menu like we had, of course, at least a cup of coffee is needed to help you shine through the rest of the day.

Slayer detected?


Hot Cappuccino / Hot Latte, IDR 24k

The price kinda shocked me, as it’s very affordable here, and I believe most of the coffee shop in Bandung put kinda a similar price tag, but well, its gettin sexier here considering the slayer machine that they own here, but well, the coffee just not as what I expected, both of the capp and latte were watery, even the same results goes to other cup from friend of mine. Human factor I guess?


Egg Florentine, 55k

Poach egg served with croissant, sauteed spinach, mix salad, creamy mushroom and hollandaise sauce


Egg Bonavista, IDR 59k

Poach egg served with bagel, smoked salmon, rocket, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce

Both Egg Florentine and Egg Bonavista were satisfying enough for me. Well done for the hollandaise sauce, and I really love how the mushroom give an extra punch in terms of flavour!

English Breakfast, IDR 39k

Scramble egg, served with beef bacon, sour dough bread, mushroom, caramelised onion and mix salad.

Unlike the other two, I found this as my less fav, it was a bit bland for me, and doesn’t suit to my liking.

At the end, though I was a bit down by their coffee, the foods saved the rest of the experience except the English Breakfast, but well, I didn’t say that it was bad, its just not fit to my preference. And I have to admint that this place is unique, and you Girls, you should be take some cool snaps at their pool okay? You gotta love it!

Also you need to expect a crowd here, so come earlier is the best way to solve that problem! Last but not least, I wish you enjoy reading this post and have fun here in One Eighty Coffee Bandung!

One Eighty Coffee

+62 822 1800 0155

Jl. Ganeca No. 3

Siliwangi, Bandung

Open from 8am – 11pm

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