Blue Sky and Crystal Blue Water of Pulau Macan

The beauty of Pulau Macan (Tiger Island) is not just a bird talk, I used to be a little sceptic, or maybe because it’s been quite a while for me not traveling for nature, and in this case, an island that made me not really interested to travel for an Island.

I still remember, the last time I made an escape to an Island and beach (except Bali), is more than 13 years ago, and I did it for Pulau Putri, can you just imagine such a long long time before I decided to do this again, but this time, I want to do this nicely to make it memorable.

So, I heard a lot of great story through the internet and by asking some of friends of mine about this Island, that made me really really really curious. What always come to my mine, is this beautiful hut, where you can easily jump to the beach from your hut, where you can see a crystal clear water and enjoying the beautiful sunset right from your private deck.

Sounds amazing right? So, short story, I made a booking through travel agen online (there are some agents, just choose which one that you prefer, I personally booked through Sheila Tour for its big name that I can trust to). Please also be advised to book 2 weeks before to save your spot, cause you just don’t wanna miss that hut!

Everythings went smoothly, departed from Marina Ancol to Pulau Macan will take around 90 minutes  using a speed boat, depends on the weather condition. The speed boat itself was pretty comfortable, not a type of ferry boat that will take you hours to get there!

Oh, this is me on the boat =p

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by the super friendly host which will explain you about the island, the facilities and equipment that you can use without any other cost (except for diving), and of course the foods! I had 1x welcome snack, 1x breakfast, 2x lunch, and 1x dinner for 1 night stay at Pulau Macan, and talking about food, it’s not a very very traditional food and limited like you might experience in other island, but its more to a selection from salad, soup, fish / meats and others that you can easily get in their traditional buffet arrangement. Coffee, juices, honey, milk are also provided!

Local people preparing good foods during your stay!

We are like a one big family here!

Lets take a look at the room, simple yet amazing right? Can you feel the vibe?

and heres our private deck!

Now its time for you to play around, go get yourself the snorkels equipment, and have fun!

Wanna go further? There’s a boat that will leave around 3 or 4 pm to take you to a better spot for snorkeling, so just don’t miss it! Or else, go and use your own Kayak & Canoe to let you explore the island by yourself. Feel free to enjoy the environment and the island here!

You can also go to Pulau Macan Kecil, a smaller version of the island, there’s nothing there, but in case you’re curious, just go there!

Be ready for the sunset here!

Feels something missing while enjoying the sunset? Well, worry less, they also provide beer and some alcohols at the bar, just ask the guy on the bar (but beers and other alcohols are not included in your package).

Wake up early in the morning, because its the best time for have some fun cause the water level is higher in the morning.

So, now, will you go there after reading this experience of mine?

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