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One of the most anticipated restaurant is finally open in our lovely Jakarta town, the big name of RUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE, which originally from New Orleans since 1965, introduced by the founder herself, Ruth Ferrel. And now, for more than 150 restaurants across the world, finally they choose Jakarta for their first outlet.

Located at Somerset Residence, just next to Ciputra World / Lotte Shopping Avenue, RUTH’S CHRIS JAKARTA has set a really high standard in defining a great steak, which later you will understand why. Just keep scrolling 😉

Interior wise, I really love this restaurant for its classy, elegance, and warm ambience, even more complete with their professional service. Everything on the table is clean, neat, looks very formal and ready for some classy experience. With total capacity of 120 guests, RUTH’S CHRIS JAKARTA has several VIP rooms for more private and intimate experience without any minimum spending policy. Warm, homey, is how I felt there.

As part of their culture, we were given the Mardi Gras beads and the stress cow. Its so cute rite?

Okay then we move to the dishes, be ready for some goodness!

Sizzlin Blue Crab Cakes, IDR 230k

For normal portion, they will serve two crab cakes, instead of one like the photo below. But surely, I regret that why it was only one, since, proudly and confidently I could say that, this is THE BEST CRAB CAKE that I’ve ever had. It’s a 100% crab meat, not like what I’ve ever had before which consist of flour, bread crumbs, etc. All the crab meat is there, and seasoned simply with only salt and pepper with a little bit of butter, pan-seared to perfection and let the freshness answer all the doubts. They will serve you with a fresh lemon for you to squeeze, to let the juice elevate the flavours and blend nicely in your mouth. Seriously, I think I can have 6 of these goodness!


Barbecued Shrimp – IDR 360k

Another awesome appetiser by RUTH’S CHRIS JAKARTA, and no, it’s not grilled with barbecue sauce in case you’re wondering, yet they use their secret recipe of New Orleans butter sauce. The shrimp was totally fresh, juicy, and well, its fantastic! The sauce was perfect as well, and paired nicely even with the breads on your table.


Lobster Bisque, IDR 

A combination of pumpkin and cream style of lobster bisque. Savoury, smokey, heavy in cream but mild on flavour. It also has a balance sweet character which perfect for those who love a mild version of lobster bisque. While I, still prefer the bold version of lobster bisque =)


Ruth’s Chris Chop Salad

Made from at least 15 different ingredients, this is surely not a kind of boring salad that you might found in other restaurant. In fact, I really love the plating, how they serve the salad and how all those vegetables combined nicely, freshly with light seasoning and blue cheese.


Petite Filet, IDR 570k

So this is actually the main star, the one that made us wait curiously since the beginning. What’s so special of their steak is because they only use a very high quality of beef, which is the USDA Prime Beef and corn fed! Cooked with a special broiler  to heat the steaks with a super high temperature which is trademarked and can only be used for their restaurants. This is the reason why they can keep maintain their quality and consistency. The steak is perfect for medium rare, and please have it that way to ensure the quality, and unlike other steak house which will put your steak along together with lots of sauces, other side dishes, and so on. At RUTH’S CHRIS, this is what you will get, and they have been doing this for 50 years, seasoning the steak with ONLY salt and pepper. The serving plate was heated to 500 degree fahrenheit, and the steak will sizzling nicely in front of you.


You can also have some side dishes like asparagus, mashed potato, mushrooms, and onion rings, and trust me, even the sides were so soooo good!


Cheesecake with Fresh Berries, IDR 150k

Last but not least, surely, their Cheesecake is just too good to be missed. If you’re familiar with New York style cheese cakes and will think this might be the same, then think again. In fact, they have it the New Orleans way! This is clearly more than awesome! Cream smooth cheese cake, topped with sweetened sour-cream, with perfect crust on the sides. Everything is just balance, and light, seriously, THIS IS DAYUMMM and YOU SHOULD TRY!


Talking about the price tag, honestly, this restaurant is not cheap, but, its better to spend some of your fortune for a guaranteed top-notch of steak than spend less cheap for unreasonable quality. So the choice is yours.

Last, I would like to say welcome to Jakarta for Ruth’s Chris Steak, and may great luck always be with you.

Lobby level Somerset Residence
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
Kuningan, South Jakarta.

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