Simply Thai – A Hidden Gem in Green Lake Jakarta

What’s up Hooman?!?!

It’s time for us to share another good news to you, especially Thai Food lovers! As this new casual Thai restaurant was just recently opened in Green Lake Neighbourhood, and you just simply must try!

So apparently if you know Bangkok Garden restaurant in PIK, well, this is actually came from the same owner. Since their restaurant in PIK is no longer in business and the concept was more to family menu, here in Green Lake, they try to bring a casual, simpler and modern concept.

Won’t take long talking about the historical, so lets cut to the chase!

First Thing First! If you’re a pasta lover and want to try a little asian touch to your pasta, then this Tom Yum Pasta (IDR 69.000++) is a must!

Hang Noodle (IDR 45.000++)

Thai classic noodle (flat rice noodle) with herbs, minced chicken and poached egg. The way you should eat this noodle is as simple as you screw everythings on the plate to become one, and that’s it. Expect a flavorful surprising taste from it 🙂


Some other dishes that we tried


Tom Yum Goong, IDR 73.000++

So how do you decide a Thai restaurant is good or bad. Simply order their Tom Yum Soup. If they done it right, then the rest of your journey will be smooth. At least that’s how we think =p, and Simply Thai also done it right.


Pad Thai, IDR 49.000++

The one that doesn’t need further description as you guys already know what it is right?


Pineapple Fried Rice, IDR 49.000++


Tom Yum Burger, IDR 67.000++

Now this is exciting. While regular burger has to be mainstream for them, they try do create this Tom Yum Burger. Turn’s out the taste also pretty good. Imagine a Tom Yum flavor in your beef patty!


Cho Chee Chicken Rice, IDR 48.000++

For us, this is the BOMB! A bowl of Thai fried chicken with “Cho Chee” special sauce, chili and orange leaves served with rice and poached egg. This has a complex yet addicting flavor. Seriously I can’t really describe this well, but, just try this ok!


So overall, we really had a great time here in Simply Thai Green Lake, the foods are lovely not to mention the ambience as well. Everything was on point, and I’m already happy with a bowl of Cho Chee Chicken accompanied with their Tom Yum Soup.

Fancy desserts are welcomed to try classic Thai desserts like Mango Sticky Rice or Durian Sticky Rice , but my tips for you, ask for their Thai Tea Cake which not listed in the menu, and have fun!

Simply Thai Restaurant
Ruko Food City No. 65
Green Lake City, Cipondoh

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