DINING WITH A VIEW – Skyline Best View Resto Bandung

If you guys following my Instagram account @eddydye couple weeks ago, then you might notice that we just recently back from Bandung with quite a love and hate relationship during our trip. Let’s start with the hate part where we spent almost 9 FCKN HOURS from Jakarta to reach Pasteur, Bandung. The worst trip that I’ve ever be in my life.

But wait, let’s see on the bright side, even it was such a long weekend, at least it wasn’t crazy as hell (I mean in terms of traffic) in Bandung. Another bright side is finally, after been quite a while we had our favourite Mie Rica Kejaksaan.

Another bright and breathtaking side during our trip is to be able to visit this Skyline Best View Resto, the newest establishment in Dago area where you can dine in with a lovely view as you can see.

The building has 3 floors and the restaurant is located on the second floor. On the third floor, you can see their rooftop area, and it’s such a lovely place to take a picture and chillin accompanied with some light bites and drinks.

While on the second floor is actually the main dining area, dedicated to something more serious, I mean more to having something big.

Here are some foods that we tried during our visit :

Spanish Roast Chicken, IDR 88.000,-

Whole grilled chicken marinated with so-called Skyline special sauce. Indeed it was quite special for us, and please try to dig something from the bottom as you will found some vegetables down there which create a good balance when you eat it together with the chicken. At the end we prefer to have the chicken with the veggies instead of the sauce 🙂

Iga Bakar Rica, IDR 68.000,-

You know what it is


Actually, we forgot what pizza that we order, but we can say that their pizza was nowhere near bad. The crust was nice, and the topping was also quite generous.

Grill Bratwurst, IDR 68.000,-

Sausage with Bandung style BBQ Sauce & Portuguese croquettes. Why we named it Bandung style BBQ Sauce? Well, it’s because based on our experience trying some foods with BBQ sauce in Bandung, they always have such a similarity where the sauce is light in taste, more to sweet, and not thick enough.

So if you look at the price range, we can say that the prices are affordable for such a lovely concept and ambience that they offer. We believe that this restaurant has already become a big thing in Bandung by looking at the crowd and many waiting lists that happened. So don’t forget to come if you’re around!

Skyline Best View Resto
Jl. Bukit Pakar Timur, No. 108
Dago Pakar, Bandung


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