Sunday Brunch at Starfish Bloo W Hotel Bali

Oh Gosh, we just miss Bali so much! Therefore please forgive us to bring this again which originally posted on the previous blog in end of 2015. But seriously, this is worth to read and might be a good option for looking for Sunday Brunch experience during your holiday in Bali.

-Originally posted at Nov 2015-

Sharing you my awesome experience from my last trip to Bali, even honestly, it’s a few months back, but well, this just too good to be missed, as one of the most successful brunch that I’ve ever seen, and I’m talking about Sunday Brunch at Starfish Bloo, one of the restaurants in W Hotel, Bali.

The reason why I said that this is one of the most successful is because it is very popular for their brunch, it’s constantly full house for every Sunday, the buffet is really extensive, and I just can feel all the energy here that people are really enjoying the foods, the ambience, and the talks between each other.

Having a Sunday brunch here at Starfish Bloo, priced at IDR 499k++ per person, and half price for kids under 12 y/o, and a glass of champagne is just ready to welcome you.

I did say about the buffet is pretty large right? and that made me quite confuse where to start, but looking all the crowd here, they are quite concentrated to the fresh sashimi and seafood booth, so well, thats how I started my brunch.

Look at these fresh seafoods!

The roasted beef section also become my favourite here at Starfish Bloo!

For something local, well, this is just the best! Traditional Suckling Pig in Balinese style which I just can’t resist!

They also have such a beautiful dim sum corner, but I just forgot to take the picture. Should try their dim sum, seriously!

Something sweet to end your brunch besides ice cream

Cakes, bread and some traditional snack also available here at the buffet.

at the end of the journey, we just realise, that we took lots and lots of fresh seafood, but well, it means that you shouldn’t missed it!

This how I mix beef with suckling pig! A win win solution and good combination right?

thanks for reading, see ya on the next post!

Starfish Bloo
W Hotel Bali
Jl. Petitengget, Seminyak, Bali

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