Why You Should Go to Sushi Masa Muara Baru

If you guys ask us what is our favourite Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, then the one and always come across our mind is Sushi Masa at Muara Baru.

There are several reasons why Sushi Masa Muara Baru always become our favourite and make us keep coming back again and again till we finally lost count on it.

And if you guys wanna know, here are some reasons that you should go to Sushi Masa according to us :


The root of good Japanese food, and in this case is Sushi, is all about the freshness. You will never be able to serve such a good quality of sushi or sashimi if it’s not fresh.


Quality ingredients from the fish, the sushi rice, the sauce, to the wasabi makes everything become perfect


Of course, the preparation, cooking and even the cutting technique will give impact to your dining experience.


This is the hardest point for us. Yes being consistent, its how you could deliver the same quality, the same taste, the same portioning, to every single guess at every single day.

Together, all those aspects actually create a whole experience that makes us love this restaurant so much. And in fact, they have never failed us even once!

Here are some of our favourite menus at Sushi Masa Muara Baru

Eihire (Stingray Fin)

Salmon Belly Sashimi

Salmon Sashimi

Forgot the name in the menu but its Salmon Sashimi on top of Sushi Rice =D

Beautiful Salmon Sushi

This Is So Good! But We also forgot the name =D

Beef Aburi Sushi

Freaking Good Fried Rice!

Sushi Masa
Grey Building Lt 3
Jl. Tuna Raya No. 5
Muara Baru, North Jakarta

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