TeSaTe Grand Indonesia and Their Upcoming Exciting Menu

Hey Ho Guys! Welcome back to our blog and this time we couldn’t wait to share another good news, happening in Grand Indonesia!

Well, for short the news is all about one of our most favorite Indonesian Restaurant, TeSaTe which recently open their new outlet at East Mall Grand Indonesia. But it ain’t gonna stop there, so keep scrolling down there will ya?

What surprised me actually by the time we step into the outlet, it has a different ambience compared to their others outlet. Here in Grand Indonesia, they came with a pretty minimalist modern concept, dominated by white, red and some dark color and we found that’s kinda cool 😉


That’s a little bit of TeSaTe Grand Indonesia, and we’re going to move to the next news. Are you ready guys?


Okay! For the next news, it’s all about their upcoming (and totally exciting) new menu for those who craving for Liwetan (Nasi Liwet).

We believe that some of you might experience that when you guys want to have Liwetan Menu, there should be certain minimum person and dishes for you to book and order right? What about, it’s only a few of you? What about if you are the one and only who crave for those Liwetan Menu?

Well, we feel you guys!

And that is the reason why, you will never go wrong to have those Liwetan moment at TeSaTe Restaurant. As there will be no minimum order for you, and this personal portion could even fit for 1 to 2 person!

These are the preview


Their Personal Nasi Liwet will consist of rice and its side dishes served in individual plating on top of banana leaf spread with selections of Chicken (IDR 159.000), Beef (IDR 229.000), or Lamb (IDR 189.000), including Sayur Asam!

For the rice itself, you are free to opt between ; Nasi Putih, Nasi Hitam, Nasi Oncom or Nasi Kecombrang and we can say that all of their Nasi Liwet were so good and fit with our taste preference except one thing : it just doesn’t feel right without their Sate Ayam, so feel free to order some of them in addition to your Nasi Liwet guys 🙂

p.s : This Nasi Liwet Menu will be launched on April, 10th 2018

TeSaTe Restaurant
East Mall, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1

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